Strucure Fire Residential

February 1, 2020 - Box 29 - 1

Dispatched At: 7:50 am
Units: Halifax, Fisherville,,

Box  29 – 1  Structure Fire Residential Chief 29-3 responding with a  column from station 29. Engine 29, Tanker 29, Engine 29-1 and Utility 29 responded as well as Fire Police 29. Firefighters arrived on the scene and went to work stretching a line to the rear of the home. Chief 29 – 3 was advise of a chicken coop on fire and  chickens were safely out of the coop. Crews knocking down the remaining flames then encountered a different kind of danger, A live skunk in a live trap thankfully the live trap had side panels and a top panel blocking the view of the skunk inside protecting the firefighters from being sprayed.