Stay – AT – Home  Order Starting

UPDATE: Dauphin and Cumberland Counties have now been ordered to “Stay-at-Home” beginning TODAY at 8pm. It’s what we’ve been encouraged to do. But, the new executive order allows law enforcement to question folks about the purpose of their travels.

Dept of Health reported-
New confirmed cases since yesterday: 693
Total positive cases in PA: 4,087
Negative cases: 33,777
Total Deaths in PA: 49 (+11 since yesterday)
Dauphin County confirmed cases: 36 (+1 yesterday)

Please closely follow the order so we can save lives and get back to normal sooner!

STAY AT HOME for the next two weeks

All individuals in counties subject to this order must STAY AT HOME except for certain essential activities and work to provide life-sustaining business and government services.

Individuals may leave their residence ONLY to perform any of the following allowable individual activities and allowable essential travel:


• Tasks essential to maintain health and safety, or the health and safety of their family or household members (including, but not limited to, pets), such as obtaining medicine or medical supplies, visiting a health care professional, or obtaining supplies they need to work from home.

• Getting necessary services or supplies for themselves or their family or household members, or to deliver those services or supplies to others, such as getting food and household consumer products, pet food, and supplies necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences. This includes volunteer efforts to distribute meals and other life-sustaining services to those in need.

• Engaging in outdoor activity, such as walking, hiking or running if they maintain social distancing.

• To perform work providing essential products and services at a life-sustaining business.

• To care for a family member or pet in another household.


• Any travel related to the provision of or access to the above-mentioned individual activities or life- sustaining business activities.

• Travel to care for elderly, minors, dependents, persons with disabilities, or other vulnerable persons.

• Travel to or from educational institutions for purposes of receiving materials for distance learning, for receiving meals, and any other related services.

• Travel to return to a place of residence from an outside jurisdiction.

• Travel required by law enforcement or court order.

• Travel required for non-residents to return to their place of residence outside the commonwealth.