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Halifax Fire Department enjoys a rich history dating over 120 years. We have always been a volunteer organization and are dedicated to serving our community by providing safety and rescue services to our neighbors.

  • Hose Company Established in October for Halifax Borough
  • Borough Council bought 1st hose cart
    • Purchased from Fabric Hose Company of New York
    • Purchased 750 feet of hose with cart
    • Cost $54.44 plus $4.06 for freight
    • Once received tested at 2nd st/Market St

Halifax Hose Company changed name to Halifax Fire Company


Halifax Fire Company became chartered


Halifax Fire Company secured the old school house for meetings/social room


During the hose cart protection days several hundred feet of hose was stationed in the cabinet shop of Samuel Noblet on Market St. to combat fires in the uptown area
1953 fire engine halifax pennsylvania


Powells Valley Fire Department first formed due to serious barn fire in Matamoras area. Organized October 31st 1956


Powells Valley given the Radio Identifier “D256” on the Dauphin County Radio Service for the first time


Halifax Fire Company moved into building on Armstrong St.


Powells Valley Radio identifier changed to “D29” and a few years (unknown when) dropped the “D”


Halifax Fire Company had its 1st female president, Bonnie Lidle, who served for 5 years and was 1 of 6 female firefighters at the time


Powells Valley purchased land in the area of Peters Mountain Rd/S. River Rd, area of the “Triangle”


Powells Valley and Halifax and Community merged and start new station


Halifax Fire Department moved into new station at “Triangle” area