Auto Accident With Entrapment

June 23, 2018 - BOX 29-4

Dispatched At: 9:00 pm
Units: Halifax , Fisherville,, Millersburg, PSP and Ambulance 13 and Life Team

Company 29 dispatched and DO 29 went on the air county advised of additional information -1 vehicle vs a tree and that the car was reportedly sheared in half. County asked DO 29 if Air medical was available to place them on stand by. Confirmed by DO29 was inquired upon almost right away. A few very short moments later Captain 34-1 Paxtonia Fire Co. was traveling in the area, upon the scene he went on the air confirming heavy entrapment with the rear half of the car separated and resting a good distance in a field. Engine 29-1 responding to the scene then added Engine 20 to the crash. Company 216 was added to handle the landing zone if needed. Engine 29-1 arrived to find a single vehicle.into a tree with extreme damage and the rear of the vehicle separated they went to work stabilizing the vehicle and starting extrication. Chief 29-1 stretched a hand line from the bumper of Engine 29-1 as precaution. Engine 29 and Engine 20 soon also arriving on scene assisted with the extended extrication. Life Lion launched and flew to the area but due to weather conditions was unable to land safely. Thanks to Company 216, 20 and all the ems for Life team and Company 13 and PSP 


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